Procurement Notices

Sri Lanka Transport Board Procurement Notices - 2023

SLTB/TS/GEN/04/2023 Supply and Delivery of Auto Spray/Enamel Paint and other accessories. Download
SLTB/TS/GEN/Lubricant Oil/2022 Supply and delivery of Engine oil Download
SLTB/TS/GEN/AM/02-2/2022 Supply and delivery of machinery and other items required for SLTB,Ampara Tire Factory. Download
SLTB/TS/GEN/AM/95/2023 Bid for provision of motor vehicles without driver and fuel on monthly rental basis. Download
SLTB/TS/GEN/AM/01/2023 Supply and delivery of Pre-cured tread liners, Bonding gum, Gum solvent (S.B.P.) To SLTB Ampara tyre factory. New Download